Friday, February 11, 2011

Art History Feb/11/11

Orientalism東方學 & Post-colonialism前殖民主義

20th century
test of subject
Book:- Orientalism, therefore, is not an airy European fantasy about the Orient, but a created body of theory and practice in which for many generations, there has been a considerable material investment.

Franz Fannon ' On National Culture'
east meet africa
define urself the releationship between other culture.

pg 714
The native intellectual who comes back to his people by way of cultural achievements behaves in fact like a foreigner.

-e.g. 911
east meet west
call by president, calls 'freedom'

-e.g.1989 belin cold wall
global world
north korea

-e.g.tian an man square, 6.4. 1989
media expect
widely circule into the world
goverment learn to control the informatin and media

Movie - 'Crazy English'

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