Sunday, June 30, 2013

Coming Exhibition: First Smash

It's my honor that The Art Experience Gallery, Hong Kong invite me to perform my artwork  - Thinking of ....... Version 2 in their art project : "First Smash".

Exhibition will be held from Jul 20th, 2013 to Aug 3rd, 2013
Venue : Art Experience Gallery, HK
(Room 2009, Cable TV Tower, 9 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan NT, Hong Kong)
Opening Reception : Jul 20, 2013 from 3pm to 6pm

More details pls click: , I want to invite all of you to join my exhibition n share my happiness. See ya~


葵葵葵 studio opening 2013

This group is aim for information sharing on our studio opening event scheduled on 21 July and 28 July.

The idea begins with individual studio's warming party or summer party, and then we think, why not we open together so that our friends can visit our studio and maybe also other studio?

Through this event, we hope to have better understanding of other artists in the same neighborhood and also provide an opportunity to visit other new studio.

So, if have any question, you may contact Sunny 61596366
Of course, he will be open his studio too!


  • Wah Tat 16 (Albert Au, Cathy Chan, Kat Lai, Virginia Lo) 葵涌華星街8號華達工業大廈B座16字樓01室 Tel: 6189 7879
  • Tung Wing Hong, Kevyn Wong, Claudia Tsang, Winki Cho--> 葵涌梨木道32-50號金運工業大廈2期9樓H2室 Tel: 6075 3847
  • Boy Yiu, Ann Dan, Hazel Mah, Hui Wai Keung,Tap Chan, Goby Lo, Siumou Chow, Cheung Wai Lok--> 葵興健康街2-6號飛亞工業中心805室 Tel: 6194 9101
  • Zoë Leungpy,Emillie Chiu,South Ho,Forrest Lau--> 葵興健康街2-6號飛亞工業中心1210室 Tel: 6537 8096
  • Lewis Lau, Dainel Lau -->葵涌華星街8號華達工業大廈
  • A座12字樓05室 Tel: 60956807
  • Stanley Lee -->葵興葵昌路26號豪華工業大廈4樓D1室 Tel: 9710 5134


  • Zoë Leungpy,Emillie Chiu,South Ho,Forrest Lau--> 葵興健康街2-6號飛亞工業中心1210室 Tel: 6537 8096
  • Sunny Tam -->葵芳葵豐街華業大廈B座2樓D Tel: 6159 6366
  • Wong Xiangyi, Jay Chusinwa, Remex Wu, Calvin, Sebastian To Mato -->葵芳金龍工業中心4座24樓L室 Tel:60140282
  • Stanley Lee -->葵興葵昌路26號豪華工業大廈4樓D1室 Tel: 9710 5134

Credit: Facebook page : (Thank you Sunny Tam)

飛亞805日常+工廠 Studio Link:

Sunday, June 23, 2013



小草堂 會於八月正式投入市場。

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Art is about love


I’m so eager to see you again
but i wouldn’t ask to see you
not because i’m proud
in fact, in front of you
i cede all my pride
yet only if you asked to see me
our meeting would be meaningful to me

1950年 Simone de Beauvoir 西蒙‧波娃〈法國作家〉-越洋情書