Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Welcome to my Page!

Welcome to my Page! 
Hope you like my page new arrangement, it is for my further work developments. It is more easy to sort my works by Date / Media / what else you like... , also, I have separate Art happenings and Blog into two pages. Well, that's it.


Currently I am busying on my coming exhibition, it will be held in a huge spaces with my new works. The time will be 2014 Chinese New Year if no delay or change, please sponsor us.... T_T , and keep eyes here for updates.

As I mentioned 'new works', I am going to prepare 3-4 series new works, plus my work 'Thinking of...... 思念' (more pic about this work please click Ann Dan works to check out). My new works are including Video, installation and mix media on paper.

I am so exciting on it!!! Good luck to me, okay? C yaa


搬家中, 新家整理差不多, 舊家只用作有關Arts update, 新家只用作blog 用途.
新舊家都有link 連繫, 不會走失~~