Friday, February 18, 2011

Art history Feb 18 2011

introduce Ai Weiwei
he is have quite a lot of experences
social sculpture
production process

Ai wei Wei's work
1.Everything made from China, China as a global factory
2.New China working as a global scale

-huge scale
how the scale relate to human life
as a global factory of china's work

wk: candy on the foor, as a hill

relationship between international

Dolphin  VS  Shark
human relationship
nature (fish vs )

donald judd

Perfect lovers

Nicolas Bourriaud

Relational Aesthetics

Original Copies

DafenVillage 大芬村
factory city

what is fake????

Liberty Leading the people
Three Leaders

Sascha Pohle
white male painter

a video at 2010
Sascha Pohle (base in China)
Christian Jankowski

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