Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Statment - White Terror 白色恐怖 2009 Nov

White Terror Oil, Mix Media on canvas. 2009’ Nov. 60cm x 60cm

This is that one is by the question that history derives out too by noun that history left over.

One is nearly connected with the death with the noun of first-class number directly, in the society making people uneasy and turbulent, it is tangible so bloodily.

But the fact is always hoodwinked sedulously, no matter descendant's cognition of this , or the taboo in the society at that time.

Cover with the truth dying with the white cloth, every day's emergence of the massacre. The life is trampled on wantonly by somebody, does not have dignity , does not have reason, only the fear of dying.


白色恐怖, 這是一個由歷史遺留下來的名詞, 也是由歷史衍生出來的問題.

一個幾乎直接與死亡連上等號的名詞, 令人不安和動盪的社會中, 它 那麼血淋淋地實在.
但事實總被人刻意蒙蔽著, 不論是後人對此事的認知, 或是當時社會上的避諱.

用白布蒙上了死亡的真相, 而且死亡的不只是一個, 大屠殺每天的發生. 生命被人任意踐踏, 沒有尊嚴, 沒有原因, 只有對死亡的恐懼.

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