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Exhibition - No Longer Human

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No Longer Human

EXHIBITION - No Longer Human

by nadim abbas, erkka nissinen, magdalen wong
Exhibition : 14.1.2012 - 12.2.2012

Reception : 13.1.2012 6-8pm

No Longer Human is a group exhibition of new works conceived as an open dialogue between the artists Nadim Abbas, Erkka Nissinen and Magdalen Wong. The subject of this dialogue concerns the condition of ...being human, or to be more precise, the multiplicity of known and unknowable trajectories of human development ¬– an imaginary ethnography of the posthuman.

Crisscrossing the exhibition space, viewers are confronted with an alien landscape, populated by peculiar configurations of strange yet familiar objects and imagery. This terrain becomes the projection of some long lost future, paradoxically embedded in the past, like the deserted set from an old science fiction b-movie – banality wrapped around the glow of fascination.

Nadim Abbas’ simulated sandscape, Afternoon in Utopia plays on the double meaning of “utopia” as eu-topia (“good-place”) and ou-topia (“no-place”); likening the heterogenous non-sites of concrete islands that are located underneath highways to extraterrestrial panoramas of Utopia Planitia (“Nowhere Plain”) on Mars.

In the video installation, Polis, Erkka Nissinen constructs a “kaleidoscope of human destinies” that references the ancient Greek ideal of the city-state. Far from depicting a perfected state of utopian community, one is confronted instead by the obscene historical traces of mankind’s inhumanity.

Magdalen Wong, rummaging through generic and romanticized images of nature, meditates on the drama of the artificial. While the slide projection, Sunrise/Sunset touches on the emotional attachment accorded to images of the sun, Unidentified Fountain examines the breadth of our desire to believe in the mystery that resides in the objects of human design.

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