Tuesday, January 17, 2012

座談會 - 非主流與專業 Alternative and Professional

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座談會-非主流與專業Alternative and Professional


地點 Venue 華聯工業中心B座4樓18室 Unit18, 4/F, Block B, Wah Luen Industrial Center

座談會 - 非主流與專業 Alternative and Professional


日期 Date 15 Jan 2012

時間 Time 2:00pm - 3:00pm

嘉賓 Guests 周耀輝 CHOW Yiu Fai; 何建宗 HO Kin Chung Louis; 梁美萍 LEUNG Mee Ping

對於藝術的定義,被掌握在社會少數的藝術工作者、藝評人、策展人等手上,還是每個人都可以有其獨特的看法? 主流思想以外還有很多可能性有待我們發掘! 三位多元的文化工作者會和大家分享他們的看法。

How art is supposed to be? Should it be defined by a few people who are engaging in the art field like the artists, art critiques or curators, or can it be tolerating all kinds of independent perspectives? Besides the professionals, there are still alternatives waiting for our discovery! Three multi- cultural practitioners are going to share their opinions on this issue.

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