Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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Becky Christenson - ...
acrylic and mixed media painting. 24 X 36 plus frame
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art intervention : FORWARD MARCH - a floating corridor

FORWARD MARCH - a floating corridor

art intervention

A floating corridor commissioned by Royal College of Art, London for the Gulbenkian Gallery. It formed part of a show called Re-siting Installation. With the help of RCA students we built this interactive artwork into a constructed corridor. The flooring used was the same as exists already in the space so as to make a smoother transition. The corridor is a raft that floats in an area of water. Its really two different art interventions. You have the abstract piece with no figurative element - which still floats and does what its supposed to do but its very minimal. Then, when you have people on it, it becomes something else because there is the personal dimension that comes in and everybody interacts differently with the piece. Do they stand on it very carefully or do they jump about? Do they stand in one corner and cause it to tip up, or are they wise and spread out all over the surface? The work can be potentially quite different.
COMMISSION: Royal College of Art, London UK.
Materials: Water, wood flooring.
Dimensions: 30 x 200 x 1130 cm

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