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Statement - Trees 樹們 2012 Oct

Trees 樹們  Wire, Plastic Pellets, Drawing, 2012 Oct, Dimension Variable

Title: Trees 樹們 (on wall)
Medium: Wire, Plastic Pellets, Drawing
Size: 25cm x 25cm
Date: 2012'Oct
Artist: Ann Dan Hin Ka

Title: Trees 樹們 (on glass)
Medium: Wire, Plastic Pellets, Drawing
Size: 12cm x 15cm
Date: 2012'Oct
Artist: Ann Dan Hin Ka

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150 tonnes of plastic pellets polluting Hong Kong's waters since Severe Typhoon Vicente in 2012, that marred Hong Kong beaches and fish farms.

Artist to question, who made these plastic pellets? why human need plastic pellets? 
Plastic pellets were recycled by discarded plastic, which come from human squander.

One day, no real trees in our life anymore, only discard material come from fast technlogy delvelop.

Artist used obsolete mobile phone charger wire and plastic pellets, made a tree forms. 
In memory of trees .


不知道由什麼時候開始, 樹木與人的距離愈來愈遠, 樹木被欄起來,草地不可踐踏, 植物都是基因種植, 食材贈送化肥及添加劑.
然後慢慢地, 人的生活需要更多的科技支援, 整個土地充斥人造化學物, 於是, 生命的根變成了電線, 花果變成了化學物。


要形容地球的現狀, 沒有什麼比直接生一棵膠樹, 來得更直接.

譚衍嘉 生於香港,2012年畢業於香港藝術學院學士學位課程,主修繪畫。其作品以多種物料及裝置為主要媒介。網頁:

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