Monday, June 14, 2010

Statment - White Rain Lily 2009 Aug

White Rain Lily Acrylic on Chinese paper, Print Make, 2009 Aug. 35cm x 70cm x 2pcs

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My works are a serial of Zephyranthes Candidas with different color by print make on Chinese paper.

Zephyranthes Candida, known as the Fairy Lily or White Rain Lily. Leaves are a deep glossy green. Flowers are erect in perianth white or sometimes pinkish abaxially.

They grow best in full sun to part shade and require a medium wet soil. After a late summer or autumn shower, expect the magic that this bulb is known for. Will naturalize where happy, forming dense evergreen clumps, as a ‘Blooming Oasis’

Silk screen print can reproduce images with a high level of detail, and can be reused for tens of thousands of copies. Similar as Rain Lily, tens of thousands flowers blooming in the garden.

I have used Chinese paper as media, once the color ink print on the paper, the image will become bur, as like as Rain Lily after rainfall, water drops on the flowers.

These servals of Rain Lily on my work will not die and blooming forever.

Dan Hin Ka, Ann


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