Thursday, September 13, 2012

Statement - Whirlpool 漩渦 2012 Aug

Name : 漩渦
Media : Mix Media 
Size : Dimension Variable 

是次作品為時裝設計師 Timbee Lo 及 藝術家 Ann Dan 為Artifashion 展覽的首次合作, 結合兩者的創作要素, 呈現唯美而又富張力的作品.
當中使用的配件及裙為Timbee Lo品牌2012年最新系列之原素, 而紅白碎片則為Ann Dan作品《思念》(2011)的重要原料-中國市尺 所演變而成, 兩者的配合加上由平面伸延出來的三維視覺, 使觀眾錯覺模特兒被拉進畫布內, 還是要逃出畫布? 
 Fashion Designer Timbee Lo and Artist Ann Dan use their elements on their individual works to crossover and create this work thought the form of installation, with an aim to present the beauty and tension on visual.
The parts and dress used on the work, belong to Timbee Lo's band 2012 AW collection ; the 'cloth measure rule' pieces on the canvas and dress, were obtain from Ann Dan's art work《Thinking of.....》(2011).
Through their installation work, hope to inspire the public their imaginations of the model is escape or drag by the canvas. 

Artist : Ann Dan Hin Ka + Timbee Lo 
2012 Aug

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